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Child Nutrition Services-School Meals
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CNS Barbecue Use
BBQs are not available for use by the general public.  Events at which a CNS BBQ is used must be district related.

There is a charge of $50 for each use of a propane barbecue grill.  The use fee covers the cost of propane, delivery, pick-up, and depreciation of the grill, as well as use of a hand-wash station, utensils, and cleaning kit.  For some functions, the use fee may be waived.  If a Child Nutrition Services staff member is going to be working the event at which the BBQ is being used and you are interested in knowing if the fee can be waived, please contact staff at CNS (253-931-4972). 


Grills and accessories (utensils,cleaning kit, gloves, and hand-wash station) must be returned clean (ready for the next person’s use) to avoid additional fees.  If the grill and/or accessories are not clean when returned, an additional fee will be accessed. 


All requests for use of BBQs are coordinated through the Child Nutrition Services office.  To make a request to reserve a grill, please complete the request form and contact Kristi at CNS (kminton@auburn.wednet.edu) if you have questions about the process.