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Auburn School District

915 4th Street NE | Auburn, WA 98002

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 Auburn School District Swimming Pool
Auburn School District Pool Photo by Brian Keller                          516 4th Street NE
                   Auburn, WA 98002-5020
 Mission Statement
Auburn pool's management and staff are committed to support our local schools in their endeavors. We are here to make sure that the swimming, diving and water polo teams have a safe and clean place to advance their skills in their sports and learn how to be part of a team. We will strive to provide the community with many opportunities to learn water safety increase their personal health and teach the next generation of children how to swim.
          Fall Schedule
         Sept 4th -Nov 3rd
Morning lap swim:                Monday- Friday                      5:45a.m. to 7:15a.m.                 
Noon lap swim:                      Monday,Wednesday, Friday   11:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.
Noon Water walking:            Monday,Wednesday, Friday   11:00a.m. to 1:00p.m. (Shallow water)
Evening lessons:                   Monday/Wednesday                  6:30p.m, 7:00p.m., 7:30p.m.(starts September 8th).
Private Lessons:                    Friday                                        6:30p.m., 7:00p.m., 7:30p.m.(starts October 3rd).
Saturday Open Swim:*          Saturday only1:00p.m. -2:30p.m. (starts September 13th).
Closures:                              Saturday September 20th, Saturday October 18th. 
 *Children under the age of 6, or who must use a flotation devise  must have a guardian (18 or older) or an adult in the water with them during Open Swims.
Registration Dates :                                    
Session 1                     August 25th through August 29th ( 9:00a.m to 4:00p.m.)
Session 2                     October 2nd through October October 6th. (5:00p.m. to 8:30p.m.)
 Evening Lessons Dates :                                           
Session 1                      September 8th through October 1st.
Session 2                      October 13th through November 5th. 
Please refer to the following links for access to "Work In Progress Reports" presented to the Auburn School District Board of Directors. (Below presentation is best viewed in Internet Explorer.)