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Full-day Kindergarten Registration Information
(2013-14 School Year)
Full-day kindergarten is an optional program by the Auburn School District on a limited, space available basis at various elementary schools. Schools offering full-day kindergarten vary slightly from year to year. The options available during the 2013-14 school year are listed below:
State Funded Full-day Kindergarten (State of Washington Grant Funded):
  • Alpac Elementary (Four Sections)
  • Chinook Elementary (Three Sections)
  • Dick Scobee Elementary (Four Sections)
  • Evergreen Heights Elementary (Three Sections)
  • Gildo Rey Elementary (Four Sections)
  • Hazelwood Elementary (Two Sections)
  • Ilalko Elementary (Four Sections)
  • Lea Hill Elementary (Three Sections)
  • Pioneer Elementary (Four Sections)
  • Terminal Park Elementary (Two Sections)
  • Washington Elementary (Three Sections)
Tuition-based Full-day Kindergarten (Parent Selected Optional Program):
  • Lakeland Hills (Two Sections)

These programs are open to students throughout the district. The program is funded by a tuition fee covering the difference between the state funded half-day program and the full-day session. The cost of the extra half-day is $2,565 a year or $285 a month. Limited scholarships are available. Please ask the school office manager for an application form.

As you consider this option, keep in mind the program characteristics below and how they would match with your child's and your family's needs.
Both the half-day and full-day programs offer a similar curriculum, emphasizing developmental learning in a variety of skills and areas-physical, cognitive and social. Research shows that for most children, either a half-day or a full-day program will meet their needs and build an adequate foundation for future growth in elementary school. Auburn is particularly proud of the excellence of both the staff and the curriculum offered in our early childhood programs and for this reason has chosen to use that as a base for the full-day program. The extra time in the full-day program allows for some extended study in kindergarten curriculum units, literacy, language and social skill development. An additional rest period, physical activity period, and lunch are incorporated into each day as well. Time to read, explore, create, solve problems and experiment with the environment are provided in the full-day experience.
Class Size:
Class size is limited to 25 students, the average size in the district.
All students with applications will be considered for the class. If more than 25 students register for a class, a lottery drawing will be held in late May for the classroom positions and to create a waiting list. Students will be placed on a waiting list and contacted in order, should spaces become available.
Once notified of lottery results, parents have five (5) days in which to pay the first months tuition of $285, and sign a payment agreement to assure a space in the class.
The full-day kindergarten tuition is due no later than the 10th of each month. Following the first late payment, tuition must be paid in cash, money order, or certified. A second late payment will necessitate transferring the student to a regular half-day program on the 15th.
If your child is not living within the attendance boundaries of the full-day kindergarten site, they will receive a waiver to attend the hosting school for one year. All district waivers have to be filled out every year to continue attending a non-resident school.
Students from other attendance areas will need to be transported by parents or their childcare provider both to and from school.