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Welcome to Our TouchBase Internet Payment Option
This page is set up to link you to an online payment site for School and/or District fees and services.  Please note that you will be charged a convenience fee for most items should you chose to purchase/pay for them online.  The fee is 2.5% plus $0.67 and helps the District cover the costs of offering this payment option.  The fee will be waved for those items used to make a donation to our buildings online.
If you already know your login information or have previously created a guest account you can use the user name and password to log in now at:
Pay Online Instructions for Parents/Guardians:
By signing in this way, you can see the receipt history for your students for all things paid for at the school’s main office or bookkeeper’s office. You can pay for fines or see what fines have been assessed against your student. If they have a library book or textbook fine you can see the title and book number. This will help you find the book, should your student still have it at home. Or, if needed you will be able to pay for the books. You will also be able to pay for ASB cards and other items available for sale.
!!ATTENTION: Effective today, June 26, 2017, the login for Student Payments
has been changed to your Family Access Login & Password combination!!
The Family ID# will no longer be used as your password.
  1. You will need your family access log in ID and your family access password.
  2. Log in at https://touchbase.auburn.wednet.edu/. Enter your User Name (Family access log in ID) and Password (Family access password) then click Sign in.
  3. Then you can click on your students name to see their account information on the right hand side of the next screen. You can also click on the “products available to” link and be taken to your student’s school site to see what is available to purchase.
  4. You can purchase items from multiple sites for different students in the same transaction.
Pay Online Instructions for Guests:
By signing in with a guest account, you can see the receipt history for your past purchases paid for online. You can pay for a variety of items that have been made available to guests at each site.
If this is your first time using our payment website, you will need to:
  1. Click on the “For guests (other than parents) click here to sign up for an account” link. You will need to fill in all the boxes and then click “Sign up”.
  2. Then you can enter your User Name and Password then click Sign in.
  3. You can view past purchases at the right or click on the Shop button to visit the store.
  4. Next you can choose from the different locations via the location links.
  5. To pay for something for a location other than a School, you will need to click on Admin Bldg then District Office then chose a location and then select the items you wish to purchase.
  6. You can purchase items from multiple sites in the same transaction.

If experiencing any issues with login or website, or have any additional questions, please contact your child's school:

Auburn School District

Debra Podesta dpodesta@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4936

High Schools:

AHS ASB Bookkeeper, Debbie Sumner dsumner@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4895
AMHS ASB Bookkeeper, Jaapje Kukors jkukors@auburn.wednet.edu 253.804.4547
ARHS ASB Bookkeeper, Becky Thibodeau bthibodeau@auburn.wednet.edu 253.804.5154
WAHS ASB Bookkeeper, Lila Jenkins ljenkins@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4990
Middle Schools:
Cascade ASB Bookkeeper, Flor Rivea friveralopez@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4995
Mt Baker ASB Bookkeeper, Elena Lindell elindell@auburn.wednet.edu 253.804.4555
Olympic ASB Bookkeeper, Jacquelyn Mu Min jmumin@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4966
Rainier ASB Bookkeeper, Janet Bloom jbloom@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4843
Elementary Schools:
Alpac Office Mgr, Leanne Raybuck lraybuck@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.7946
Arthur Jacobsen Office Mgr, Carol Smetheram csmetheram@auburn.wednet.edu 253.630.2441
Chinook Office Mgr, Lisa Wilkinson lwilkinson@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4980
Dick Scobee Office Mgr, Ann Gilbert agilbert@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4984
Evergreen Heights Office Mgr, Lisa Greer lgreer@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4974
Gildo Rey Office Mgr, Shelly Husar slhusar@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4952
Hazelwood Office Mgr, Sherri Nesper snesper@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4740
Ilalko Office Mgr, Teri Mathews tmathews@auburn.wednet.edu  253.931.4748
Lake View Office Mgr, Kim Horton khorton@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4830
Lakeland Hills Office Mgr, Tami Bauer tbauer@auburn.wednet.edu 253.876.7711
Lea Hill Office Mgr, Lori Sanford lsanford@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4982
Pioneer Office Mgr, Patty Ankerfelt pankerfelt@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4986
Terminal Park Office Mgr, Vickie Jones vjones@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4978
Washington Office Mgr, Deonna Steffy dsteffy@auburn.wednet.edu 253.931.4988